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Sigma Beauty®
Min: CHF0 Max: CHF200

Sigma Beauty® Warm Neutrals Volume 2 Eyeshadow Palette

Indulge in 12 rich, warm hues that compliment you in smooth, long-wearing formulas.

CHF46,50 *

Sigma Beauty® Chroma Glow Shimmer & Highlight Palette

Let yourself be illuminated in 6 multi-faceted powder highlights for face, eyes and body with colours ranging from sweet to daring. Your highlighter will always impress, no matter where you are.

CHF46,50 *

Sigma Beauty® F80 Flat Kabuki™ Brush

You'll achieve perfect skin on every curve and contour using the angles and Sigmax® fibers designed to prime, conceal, sculpt and highlight

CHF29,50 *

Sigma Beauty® F41 Fan Brush

Get your perfect, glowing highlight using the long, SigmaTech® fiber fan. PRO Tip: Use the tips for corners of the eyes and the Cupid's bow.

CHF22,50 *

Sigma Beauty® Make Me Classy - Essential Kit

Get these 12 classic professional brushes for your complete look from face to eyes made of exclusive SigmaTech® fibers and a brush cup for safe storage and travel.

CHF165,50 *

Sigma Beauty® Liquid pen eyeliner - Wicked

Take the hit home with the Cat Eye's from the Instagram itself.

CHF22,50 *

Sigma Beauty® Skincare Brush Set

Enjoy every moment of the application of your skincare products with the world first from Sigma, the Skincare Brush Set.

CHF65,50 *

Sigma Beauty® Dry n' Shape Tower® Face & Eyes

Dry and shape up to 44 of your make-up brushes with this ingenious tool to prevent bacterial growth and improve skin and make-up application. Brilliant, fast and makes your brushes last much longer.

CHF57,50 *

Sigma Beauty® F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush

Achieve your perfect glow with this small SigmaTech® fiber brush, dusting powder on your cheekbones, temples, nose and the corners of eyes.

CHF29,50 *

Sigma Beauty® Brow powder Duo - Dark

Create your individual shade and the perfect combination with this powder duo for full, natural looking and defined eyebrows.

CHF22,50 *

Sigma Beauty® Eyeshadow base primers - bubbly

Make your eye shadow last longer, enhance the color and hold the pigment with these simple, mixable primers.

CHF21,50 *

Sigma SIGMAGIC™ SCRUB brushcleaner

Even the most stubborn primer and pigment stains can be easily removed with this ingenious Sigma brush cleaner.

CHF24,50 *

Sigma Beauty® E25 Blending Brush

With super-soft but tightly packed bristles and a rounded shape, this brush is firm enough to blend your shades together seamlessly – blurring any ‘edges’ to create a gorgeous.

CHF18,50 *

Sigma Beauty® E06 Winged Liner™ Brush

Sigma’s precision Winged Liner Brush (E06) has an ultra-fine angled shape that’s eye-deal for achieving a smooth, feline flick. Perfect for applying gel eyeliner.

CHF17,50 *

Sigma Beauty® Brow powder Duo - Medium

Create your individual shade and the perfect combination with this powder duo for full, natural looking and defined eyebrows.

CHF22,50 *

Sigma Beauty® E40 Tapered Blending Brush

The definition of a classic - you'll use this cult-favorite, fluffy SigmaTech® fiber brush every day for eyeshadow blending and application.

CHF19,50 *

Sigma Beauty® SIGMAX® Kabuki Brush Kit

Do you strive for high-definition foundation? This variety of 5 Sigmax® fiber brushes has it all for any technique or formula in your kit.

CHF97,50 *

Sigma Beauty® Best of Sigma Brush Set

Achieve your best look with 7 top exclusives, these SigmaTech® and Sigmax® fiber brushes have you covered from perfect skin to defined eyes.

CHF97,50 *
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