eyeliner brush

Min: CHF0 Max: CHF30

Sigma Beauty® E06 Winged Liner™ Brush

Sigma’s precision Winged Liner Brush (E06) has an ultra-fine angled shape that’s eye-deal for achieving a smooth, feline flick. Perfect for applying gel eyeliner.

CHF17,50 *

TheBalm Women Empowderment Eyebrow/Eyeliner Brush

One side of this multi-tasking brush is angled, making it easy to create both perfect eyebrows and eyeliner.

CHF28,50 *

Milani Eye Tech Define - 2-in-1 + Brow Eyeliner Felt Tip Pen-

Shape beautiful brows and a perfect line around your eyes with just a pen.

CHF15,50 *

BRONX COLORS Deluxe shading brush - Copy

Create your own range with a luxury package, so you can each Rouge blusher 'Sliden it whenever you want.

CHF7,90 *