eyebrow brush

Min: CHF0 Max: CHF40

Sania's Brow Bar - Slant Tip Tweezers

Custom tweezers with slanted tips and ergonomic handles have been precisely designed and calibrated.

CHF26,00 *

Sania's Brow Bar - Angled Mechanical Brow Pencil

Here it is, the multiple award-winning and thousandfold mentioned eyebrow pen of the 'Queen of Brows' Sania Vucetaj.

CHF32,00 *

Glamierre - Deluxe Black Marble Brush Collection

A premium set with the most important 15 face and eye brushes in black marble look!

CHF39,50 *

Glamierre - Deluxe Marble 4 Face Collection

This slim, high-quality, marbled brush set contains 4 high-quality facial brushes.

CHF33,50 *

Glamierre - Deluxe Marble 7 Eye Collection

Premium eye brushes with indispensable brushes in a grandiose marble look. 

CHF32,50 *

Pro Brush Duo Brow Brush

Easy and fast the perfect eyebrows.

CHF15,50 *

Sigma Beauty® E06 Winged Liner™ Brush

Sigma’s precision Winged Liner Brush (E06) has an ultra-fine angled shape that’s eye-deal for achieving a smooth, feline flick. Perfect for applying gel eyeliner.

CHF17,50 *