Eyeshadow palettes

Eyeshadow palettes

Min: CHF0 Max: CHF150

Eloise Beauty - The Queen Eye Shadow Palette

The queen palette has immense life energy, femininity, and strength. Each color has an infinite power and carries a unique story.

CHF47,50 *

Glamlite - Cake Palette

The sugar-sweet Cake range contains 20 ultra-pigmented, unique colours inspired by the most delicious cake flavours from around the world!

CHF46,50 *

Laura Lee Nudie Patootie Eyeshadow Palette

Say hello to our beautiful Nudie Patootie Eye Shadow palette!

CHF46,50 *

Dominique Cosmetics - Latte 2 Palette Bundle

The Latte 2 collection includes the Latte 2 eyeshadow range and our two new moisturising lip gloss balms.

CHF69,50 *

Beauty Creations Cali Chic Palette

This summery eye shadow palette offers not only a breathtaking appearance, but also 9 beautiful matte and velvety shades.

CHF26,50 *

Beauty Creations Cali Set Palette

This summery eye shadow palette offers not only a breathtaking appearance, but also 9 beautiful matte and velvety shades.

CHF26,50 *

Blushtribe The Hasina eyeshadow palette

A breathtaking range of 15 beautiful colours.

CHF34,50 *

Lunar Beauty Moon Spell Color Palette

The unique 15-tone colour palette, inspired by the magic of the moon, will seduce you with its purple, copper and green tones, with a colourful combination of matt and shimmer. It is absolutely durable & strongly pigmented.

CHF49,50 *

Beauty Creations Tease me Palette

This warm eye shadow palette offers 18 excellent and warm shades that will give you THE sexy look.

CHF29,50 *

OPV Beauty Eyeshadow Palette Gorgeous II

With a combination of colours, Eyeshadow Palette Gorgeous creates professional, crease-free eye looks.

CHF42,50 *

KimChi Chic X Naomi Smalls - 2 Queens in 1 Desert

Disappear in this heavily pigmented mirage with 24 glowing hot colours.

CHF34,50 *

Beauty Creations Seduce me Palette

This passionate and incredible eye shadow palette offers 18 superb purple shades.

CHF29,50 *

Lunar Beauty Strawberry Dream Color Palette

The Strawberry Dream range is absolutely durable, strongly pigmented and has a delicious, subtle strawberry scent.

CHF49,50 *

Ace Beaute Oceanic Eyeshadow Palette

A beautiful and unique palette with 15 strong and very high quality colours.

CHF45,50 *

Glamlite Burger Palette

Burger what??? Wow, that's amazing! The Burger range contains 16 intense shades inspired by the most popular and delicious burger floorings.

CHF45,50 *

Laura Lee Boss Babe Pressed Pigment Palette

Conquer the day with these 6 beautiful shades and matt neutrals.

CHF27,50 *

L.A. Girl 35 Color Eyeshadow Palette

The L.A. Girl's Reverie Eyeshadow Eye Shadow palette contains 35 shades that blend together beautifully to create stunning eye looks.

CHF29,50 *

OPV Beauty Oshun Palette

An absolutely colorful, with beautiful golden tones and unique eyeshadow palette.

CHF43,50 *

Glamlite Pizza Palette

Spoil your taste buds with the most delicious palette in the world! The totally big pizza pallet offers 18 ingenious colour components.

CHF49,50 *

Laura Lee Nudie Patootie Basics Collection Box

Included in this wonderful collection is the ingenious Nudie Patootie eye shadow palette and all 3 extremely durable Nudie Patootie liquid lipsticks.

CHF78,50 *

OPV Beauty Yemoja Palette

An absolutely colourful, unique palette of eye shadows with beautiful shades.

CHF43,50 *

Jacy Cosmetics - Vintage Rose

The Vintage Rose range consists of 30 great pigmented shades, whether crystal, diamond, duochrome, metallic or shimmer, here you will find everything your heart desires.

CHF48,50 *

Lunar Beauty Moon Spell Collection

With this set you are fully equipped. A beautiful range and liquid lip gloss from Lunar Beauty are an amazing blend; they are durable, dry comfortably and have a full 100% pigmentation.

CHF115,50 *

Glamlite Taco Palette

Inspired by one of the most famous and authentic Mexican dishes, we bring you the Taco range! This palette contains 15 ultra-lively and highly pigmented shades.

CHF39,50 *
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