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Ameera London Liquid Gold Pure Argan Oil 30ml

Pure pure, multi award-winning argan oil that makes your skin, hair and nails look perfect again.

CHF43,50 *

Thalia - Garlic & Ginseng Shampoo 300 ml

The garlic and ginseng enriched shampoo prevents hair loss and prevents irritation of the scalp, it also provides seductive shine and neat hair.

CHF23,50 *

Ameera London Prickly Pear Seed Oil 30ml

A natural wonder that helps reduce pores, fight acne and cellulite, stimulate collagen production and remove dark circles under the eyes.

CHF139,50 *

Ebru Şalli by Thalia - Avocado-Öl Shampoo 300ml

The Thalia Ebru ŞALLI avocado oil shampoo cares for your hair by the high moisture content and strengthens the hair root

CHF23,50 *

Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque

Finally there it is, the long-awaited hair mask with the ingenious coconut fig taste. Ultra creamy, fragrant and perfect for any kind of damaged hair.

CHF44,50 *

Ebru Şalli by Thalia - Hair Care Öl 75 ml

The Thalia Ebru ŞALLI hair oil enriched with avocado, argan and organic jojoba oils, cares for the hair down to the depths and ensures flexibility of the hair.

CHF25,50 *

Thalia - Nettle & Horse Chestnut Shampoo 300 ml

The shampoo enriched with nettle and horse chestnut prevents hair loss and stimulates the growth of your hair.

CHF23,50 *

Thalia Wheat & Honey Shampoo 300 ml

The wheat and honey-enriched shampoo quickly nourishes stressed and dyed hair and strengthens the hair follicles from the first application.

CHF21,50 *

Thalia Organic Argan & Organic Jojoba Oil Hair Care

The Special Leave In formula enriched with organic argan oil and organic jojoba oil, the Thalia hair care oil has been developed to allow the penetration depth and give your hair extra shine and softness. This product nourishes your hair and helps restor

CHF29,50 *

Thalia - Organic Argan Oil & Macadamia Butter Hair Mask 175 ml

The Thalia nutritive organic argan oil and macadamia butter hair mask, nourishes your hair and gives strength to the depths. You will notice amazing results within two minutes.

CHF27,50 *

Ebru Şalli by Thalia - Volumizing Shampoo 300ml

The Ebru Şalli by Thalia Avocado Oil Volume Care Shampoo moisturizes your hair, provides strong hair roots and regulates the scalp's fat balance.

CHF23,50 *

Orofluido Mask 250 ml

Orofluido of Revlon, the upstanding line that your hair with all the essential nutrients supplied.

CHF15,00 *

HAIRtamin Vitamins - 2 Month

HAIRtamin is a powerful hair supplement with clinically proven ingredients designed to support stronger, longer and thicker hair in just 60 days.

CHF76,50 *

EBRU Şalli care body oil with avocado oil 130 ml

The Thalia Ebru ŞALLI hair oil enriched with avocado, argan and organic jojoba oils, cares for the hair down to the depths and ensures flexibility of the hair.

CHF27,50 *

Thalia 100% Organic Argan Oil 60 ml

Thalia Bio Argan oil is 100% pure and natural and healthy for your skin and hair. Argan oil is a miracle cure for dry and sensitive skin. In addition, it prevents the formation of fat in the sebaceous glands and provides an excellent solution.

CHF37,50 *

American Crew Forming Cream 85g

The Pomade American Crew is ideal for curly hair.

CHF18,50 *

American Crew Styling Grooming Cream 85g

The Grooming Cream American Crew is ideal for nomales hair and medium hold.

CHF18,50 *

American Crew Classic Fiber 85g

American Crew Classic Fiber 85g gives the hair more structure and a better definition for medium-strong hold.

CHF18,50 *
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