Hair Oils & Elixir

Hair Oils & Elixir

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Natapura - Organic certified castor oil (cold-pressed)

The oil of the African "miracle tree" not only makes your skin shine, it also makes impurities such as acne, spots etc. give way to beautifully cared for skin: it helps your hair to powerful shine and even thicker eyelashes.

CHF29,90 *

Bear Hair - Organic Castor Oil & Organic Japanese Mint

Cold pressed castor oil is the natural miracle cure for healthy and strong hair. Hair growth is stimulated by the active ingredients contained in the seeds of the Ricinus Communis tree.

CHF39,90 *

Natapura Elf Hair - Organic Castor Oil & Ylang-Ylang

3 wishes you have free ! Thicker and faster growing hair, smoothness & shine and a seductive scent - what more does a woman want ;-)

CHF39,90 *

Hairburst - Volume & Growth Elixir

The award-winning Hair Loss and Growth Elixir is our potion for instant volume and long-term hair growth.

CHF35,50 *

Ebru Şalli by Thalia - Hair Care Öl 75 ml

The Thalia Ebru ŞALLI hair oil enriched with avocado, argan and organic jojoba oils, cares for the hair down to the depths and ensures flexibility of the hair.

CHF27,50 *

Natapura - Organic certified castor oil Bundle (lash booster!)

The oil of the African "miracle tree" ensures that impurities such as acne, pimples & co. give way to a beautifully groomed skin. It also helps your hair to a powerful shine and ensures thicker lashes.

CHF55,50 *

Thalia Aloe Vera SOS Serum 10 ml

Thalia Aloe Vera SOS Serum contains 90% pure Aloe Vera juice. Excellent for fast regeneration and cleansing of skin and hair.

CHF34,50 *

Breed Love Beauty Co - Organic Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil

This blend regulates sebum/oil production, protects and moisturizes the scalp, reduces dandruff and inflammation of the hair follicles. This oil blend was developed to: It is also used to nourish, moisturize and revitalize your hair and scalp and promote

CHF29,50 *

Flora & Curl - African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil

With Superfruit Hair Oil, curls feel softer and shinier while exuding the sweetest, most invigorating fragrance found in any other hair product.

CHF35,50 *