Min: CHF0 Max: CHF100

OPV Beauty Foundation & Contour Stick

OPV's beautiful Stick Foundation dries on any natural, matt surface and can be used as a lightly tinted moisturiser or as an effective, full-surface primer.

CHF32,50 SRP / CHF25,50 *

Crown Brush - Pure Exposed Eyeshadow Palette

The Crownbrush Under Exposed Eyeshadow Palette consists of 12 beautiful eyeshadow colors.

CHF32,50 SRP / CHF22,50 *

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pointed Crease Eyeshadow Brush E301

The Ultra Metals brush have elegant shiny gold handles and synthetic soft bristles, which ensures a professional result.

CHF21,50 SRP / CHF17,50 *

Meet Matt (e) Hughes® Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

These long-lasting, MATT shimmering lipstick are absolutely suitable for any occasion.

CHF19,50 *

VANI-T Australia - Glow+ Self Tan Drops

Revolutionize your tan by turning your favorite moisturizer, serum or oil into a customized tanning product.

CHF37,50 SRP / CHF27,50 *

Mermaid Salon - Sparkle Balmy Bijoux Multipalette

BALMY BIJOUX by Mermaid Salon is your ultimate Sparkle range. A selection of 32 stunning neutral colors and a rainbow spectrum of glitter.

CHF42,50 SRP / CHF39,50 *

Meet Matt (e) Hughes® Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick - Copy

These long-lasting, MATT shimmering lipstick are absolutely suitable for any occasion.

CHF19,50 *

L.A. Girl 35 Color Eyeshadow Palette

The L.A. Girl's Reverie Eyeshadow Eye Shadow palette contains 35 shades that blend together beautifully to create stunning eye looks.

CHF29,50 *

The BEST Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup by Mario' even carried this great brush cleaner for his brushes on his Masterclass 2018.

CHF35,50 SRP / CHF27,50 *

Mermaid Salon - Original Chubby Mermaid Brush - Galaxsea

The original chubby mermaid carve and contour brush by mermaid salon. The little brush that broke the internet!

CHF16,50 SRP / CHF10,00 *

Makeup Revolution Pro F104 Powder Brush

By powder brush, you can easily apply any kind of powder products, and thus fix the makeup!

CHF12,50 SRP / CHF7,50 *

TheBalm instain® Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush

TheBalm Instain provides a flawless and long-lasting formula, which means that your look will withstand any weather. Here we go....

CHF24,50 SRP / CHF17,50 *

Crown Brush Aulora Palette

Our Beautiful Aulora palette consists of 10 Vibrant Eyeshadows, 4 Gorgeous Blusher/Highlighters, 3 Lipsticks and a dual ended Eye Liner Pencil (Brown & Black)

CHF33,50 SRP / CHF20,00 *
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