about us

Everything began with a heart-felt watch, as well as hairdresser and beautyproducts of the Swiss clientele about three years ago. And then, one day, from valued voices, came from nowhere, the inquiries for brands like TheBalm and Hudabeauty. - 'Okey ... but ... what should that be?' Was my first question - TheBalm tells us the stories of everyday life, in sweet form for every woman with the desires for playful cosmetics. And Hudabeauty? This highlight, created from the 1001 night of Makeup Queen Hudakattan, has become one of the most popular cosmetic brands worldwide, with thousands of new followers on Instagram every day.

The two makeup brands became our collection battery of ideas and feelings, which then released this cosmic energy again and again into new noble and also playful brands. Now the world of cosmetics has been born at Monolith, and we are always looking for new, great and popular trendsetters, so that our dear customers will not miss anything.

You want beautiful Makeup Island? Get Boozy cosmetics or Mermaid Salon, you need Highlighter; Is it from Gerard or Ofra or Lipsticks? Hmmm ... how about the again with new eyelashes of Lillylashes or Velor, as they wear the celebrities?

- Monolith is supposed to be your familiar life companion in the matter of makeup, write with questions, write us with ideas and if you want to cosmetics .... :)