Skincare FACE

Skincare FACE
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Ameera London Liquid Gold Pure Argan Oil 30ml

Pure pure, multi award-winning argan oil that makes your skin, hair and nails look perfect again.

CHF43,50 *

Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask

Alyaskin, the world hit from Australia, the perfect mask for a deeply cleansed oasis of well-being on your skin.

CHF36,50 *

byKelsha Perfect Combo (2x 30ml)

Celebrities all over the world want it, byKelsha the new trendsetter for Elixire. The ingenious elixirs give your skin a unique blend of ICE's most refreshing ingredients that can be seamlessly combined with the extravagance of 24K Gold.

CHF59,50 *

Ameera London Prickly Pear Seed Oil 30ml

A natural wonder that helps reduce pores, fight acne and cellulite, stimulate collagen production and remove dark circles under the eyes.

CHF139,50 *

byKelsha 24K Gold Facial Elixir 30 ml

With 24K gold flakes and rose oil, this radiative oil is a highly effective weapon for beautiful skin and ideally suited as a primer.

CHF31,50 *

Cocoshine - Organic Clay Mask - Cleanse

Cleanse your skin, banish acne and tighten your pores right in front of your eyes with the toxin-dissolving power of activated carbon and Moroccan lava clay.

CHF33,50 *

Cocoshine - Charcoal Infused Toothbrush

Add an extra sparkle to your smile!

CHF5,50 *

Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask - Duo

Alyaskin, the world hit from Australia, the perfect mask for a deep cleansed oasis of well-being on your skin now comes in a double pack.

CHF68,50 *

Niu Body Coconut Lip Polish

Our sugar lip polishes are formulated with pure sugar crystals, ultra-hydrating oils and shea butter for the perfect, smooth and plump pout!

CHF13,50 *

Bodyblendz Vanilla Blush Coffee Scrub

Say goodbye to impurities and welcome your new moisturized, rejuvenated, fragrant and soft skin.

CHF28,50 *

Vita Liberata Body Blur intant HD - Latte Combo

Body Blur Latte the bestseller as a combination with the stylish applicator glove.

CHF59,50 *

Cocoshine - Spa Headband

Take your pamper game to the next level with a funky pink headband!

CHF12,50 *

Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrating Oil 30ml

Rejuvenating Facial Oil traditional way with hydrating herbal extracts.

CHF75,50 *

OMG! 4 in 1 Kit Zone System Mask

Practical, effective, problem-free and suitable for all skin types! These are the new masks of OMG! Experience a unique and individual skin feeling with the innovative masks.

CHF15,00 *

Niu Body Detox Green Clay Mask

Our clay masks are fourfold ingenious - they immediately reduce excess oil, minimize pores, remove impurities and combat impurities.

CHF29,50 *

byKelsha Day & Night White Gold Elixir ICE 30ml

Give your skin a fresh, radiant look with By & Day White Gold by By Kelsha.

CHF31,50 *
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