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Natapura Elf Hair - Organic Castor Oil & Ylang-Ylang

3 wishes you have free ! Thicker and faster growing hair, smoothness & shine and a seductive scent - what more does a woman want ;-)

CHF39,90 *

Bear Hair - Organic Castor Oil & Organic Japanese Mint

Cold pressed castor oil is the natural miracle cure for healthy and strong hair. Hair growth is stimulated by the active ingredients contained in the seeds of the Ricinus Communis tree.

CHF39,90 *

Natapura - Organic certified castor oil (cold-pressed)

The oil of the African "miracle tree" not only makes your skin shine, it also makes impurities such as acne, spots etc. give way to beautifully cared for skin: it helps your hair to powerful shine and even thicker eyelashes.

CHF29,90 *

Natapura - Organic certified St. John's wort oil (macerate)

The little miracle cure for dry, flaky and biting scalp. It can also help relieve itching, dandruff and dry skin in cases of atopic dermatitis. Furthermore, it can lighten pigmentation spots and dark circles under the eyes.

CHF39,30 *

HeySunny! (organic carrot oil)

Organic carrot oil can help to make your skin look even more radiant (and therefore usually tighter). This explains why many beauty companies often add carrot oil to their creams.

CHF38,20 *

Natapura - Organic certified castor oil Bundle (lash booster!)

The oil of the African "miracle tree" ensures that impurities such as acne, pimples & co. give way to a beautifully groomed skin. It also helps your hair to a powerful shine and ensures thicker lashes.

CHF55,50 *

Natapura - Organic certified lavender oil (macerate)

Lavender blossom oil is used for skin and hair as well as in aromatherapy and as a bath additive and massage oil. Thanks to our organic quality, your whole body benefits from the high effectiveness.

CHF36,90 *

Natapura - Organic certified Argan oil (cold pressed)

 Our Argan oil is certified organic and cold pressed and can therefore be applied pure. Especially skin, hair and nails as well as the effect against unsightly scars, acne, pimples & premature skin aging are undisputed.

CHF48,65 *

Natapura - Organic certified jojoba oil (cold-pressed)

The cold-pressed and natural organic jojoba oil gives your hair moisture and suppleness back. It combines well with a mild shampoo while washing your hair.

CHF21,90 *

Natapura - Organic certified Aloe Vera Oil (Macerate)

Your skin needs an extra portion of moisture, annoys you once again with impurities and you are tired of overpainting small dryness wrinkles? Aloe Vera can relieve your skin of these problems.

CHF39,30 *

Natapura - Organic certified almond oil (cold pressed)

Every moment of the day can become a torture when the skin is tense or cracked. All the more beautiful when cracked and annoying, even often painful areas disappear with our almond oil. When itchy areas finally calm down and even stretch marks smooth out.

CHF32,90 *

Natapura - Organic certified hemp oil (cold pressed)

The essential fatty acids contained in hemp oil can be directly absorbed by the human skin and thus almost completely absorbed. Like jojoba oil, hemp oil supports the building of the natural protective barrier that is needed to protect against external en

CHF32,90 *

Natapura - Organic certified black cumin oil (cold pressed)

Its main application is black cumin oil, especially in the relief of skin problems such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis, itching, eczema, acne and dandruff. In contrast to other cosmetic care products, our 100% pure oil does not contain any preservatives o

CHF35,30 *

Natapura - Organic certified coconut oil (liquid & cold pressed)

Our coconut oil protects your skin and lets it shine healthily - but our all-round talent can do even more: Especially scaly, dry and itchy skin recovers faster when applied and becomes smooth and firm after treatment with coconut oil.

CHF39,90 *
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