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Cocoshine - Teeth Whitening Powder

Coco Shine whitens your teeth, removes stubborn stains, strengthens your enamel, removes toxins and keeps plaque away.

CHF39,50 SRP / CHF35,50 *

Revolution Skincare - Skin Firming Solution & Stabilised Collagen

Firming Serum tightens the skin, moisturizes it and makes it look healthier, more youthful and smoother again.

CHF27,50 *

Revolution Skincare - Retinol Serum

This retinol serum helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, and reduces congestion and the formation of blemishes.

CHF27,50 *

Earth Harbor - Samphire Sea Retinol Digital Serum

The Sea Samphire fountain of youth is best suited for mature skin, fine lines and wrinkles and dull skin. It also forms a protective barrier against blue light from modern electrical appliances.

CHF49,50 *

Revolution Skincare - Cica Cream

Revolution Skincare Hydration Boost is the perfect all-rounder, a light gel cream that provides cooling moisture for all skin types and, thanks to Hylauron, moisturizes the skin all day long.

CHF23,50 *

Revolution Skincare X Jake Jamie - Watermelon Hydrating Face Mask

Quench thirsty skin with this moisturizing face mask and let your skin smell like fresh watermelon!

CHF19,50 *

Niu Body Purify Aloe & Amino Acid Gel Cleanser

You want a skin free of impurities? Radiant, moisturizing, clear and supple skin? Then Purify Aloe Cleanser is the right choice for you.

CHF33,50 SRP / CHF25,50 *

OMG! 4 in 1 Kit Zone System Mask

Practical, effective, problem-free and suitable for all skin types! These are the new masks of OMG! Experience a unique and individual skin feeling with the innovative masks.

CHF24,50 SRP / CHF10,00 *

Revolution Skincare - Purifying Cleansing Paste

This soft, sherbet smelling paste is lightly whipped and infused with Kaolin and a blend of surfactants to help absorb oil and dirt so it can be easily rinsed away.

CHF24,50 *

Revolution Skincare - Blemish and Pore Refining Serum

Revolution Skincare Blemish and Pore Refining Serum is a hero for oily, congested and pimple-prone skin.

CHF21,50 *

Earth Harbor - Calypso Rare Rejuvenating Oil

Calypso's concentrated nutrients and powerful moisture boost work best on very dry skin that looks dull and matt, firming the skin and making it velvety soft.

CHF39,50 *

Revolution Skincare - Pineapple Essence Spray

This fruity essence spray contains pineapple and papaya, known for their brightening properties, to keep skin hydrated and looking fresh.

CHF19,50 *

Revolution Skincare - Retinol Toner

The Retinol Toner expertly formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone and texture is here!

CHF29,50 *

Revolution Skincare - Passion Fruit Oil

Passion Fruit Oil, also known as Passion Fruit Oil, is excellent for oily skin that needs moisture without an oily finish.

CHF27,50 *

Revolution Skincare - Green Tea & Collagen Serum

Glittering green, plastic-free pigments give an instant glow, while green tea & collagen hydrate and firm the skin, helping to promote youthful looking skin.

CHF25,50 *

Revolution Skincare X Jake Jamie - Dragon Fruit Face Mask

This rich, creamy formulation is designed to soothe and moisturize the skin.

CHF19,50 *

Earth Harbor - Sunstone Hair Revive Elixir

Sunstone is the perfect herbal tonic to combat dry scalp, damaged ends and worn strands - a sunbeam in your hair care ritual designed for all hair types.

CHF32,50 *

Earth Harbor - Siren Silk Multi-Taskin Hydration Creme

Inspired by the enchanting beauty of the mythical mermaids (sirens), Siren Silk is a pure natural cream that moisturizes, rebuilds and rejuvenates.

CHF49,50 *

Earth Harbor - Mermaid Milk Glow Moisturizer

A highly effective, purely synthetic-free, refattening moisturizing cream that moisturizes, fills and balances the skin while giving it a beautiful shine.

CHF39,50 *

Salt by Hendrix - Stardust Tonic

It is a superhero type skin serum that firms, refreshes and moisturizes the skin.

CHF47,50 SRP / CHF34,50 *

Niu Body Vanilla Lip Polish

Our sugar lip polishes are formulated with pure sugar crystals, ultra-hydrating oils and shea butter for the perfect, smooth and plump pout!

CHF13,50 SRP / CHF9,50 *

OMG! Platinum Green face mask Kit

OMG! PLATINUM Collection - These trendy beauty kits have been developed as a fusion of skin care and fashion. Each mask contains a peelable formula that makes the complexion shine through the gentle formula and the valuable ingredients, as well as an impr

CHF10,00 *

OMG! 3 in 1 Kit Peel Off Mask

Practical, effective, problem-free and suitable for all skin types! These are the new masks of OMG! Experience a unique and individual skin feeling with the innovative masks.

CHF10,00 *

Revolution Skincare - Oily skin Peeling Solution

Penetrates pores to dissolve trapped dirt and sebum. Commonly used on blemish-prone skin. Helps even skin tone and texture, regulate sebum and hydrate skin.

CHF27,50 *
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