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Son & Park Beautywater 340ml

The long-awaited trendsetter beauty bottle is here, a multitasking toner and cleansing water in one, which creates a clean basis for every subsequent skin care and make-up.

CHF37,50 *

Blithe - Pressed Serum Tundra Chaga 50g

This pressed serum is packaged with 60 percent tundra chaga mushroom extract, which ensures permanent hydration and nourishment without weight.

CHF59,50 *

Blithe - Vital Treatment 9 Essential Seeds 150ml

A gentle formula to smooth and lighten the skin tone.

CHF54,50 *

Blithe - Vital Treatment 5 Energy Roots 150ml

A moisturizing essence with five root extracts that stimulates the appearance of matte, exhausted skin.

CHF54,50 *

Blithe - Patting Splash Mask 200ml

This liquid mask treatment offers traditional moisturizing properties, removes impure skin and all this together with a gentle peeling.

CHF49,50 *