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Beauty Creations Tease me Palette

This warm eye shadow palette offers 18 excellent and warm shades that will give you THE sexy look.

CHF29,50 *

Beauty Creations Splash of Glitters 2

Splash of glitter 2, are 35 unique, pressed glitter colors.

CHF43,50 *

Beauty Creations Elsa Palette

This unique eye shadow palette offers 35 shimmering and matt shades.

CHF42,50 *

Beauty Creations Ballerina Brush Set 11pcs

Beautiful 11-piece brush set with super soft bristles.

CHF35,50 *

Beauty Creations Royal Rose Set 12pcs

Beautiful 12 piece brush set with super soft bristles.

CHF37,50 *

Beauty Creations Glow Primer Oil

Non-greasy, moisturizing oil primer that makes your makeup visibly longer lasting and gives it a natural complexion.

CHF22,50 *

Beauty Creations Sparkle Rose Set 7pcs

7 super soft and beautifully glittering Sparkling Brushes.

CHF35,50 *

Beauty Creations Unicorn Dream Glitter Palette

Immerse yourself in the world of unicorns and take the fairy tale of this beautiful glitter palette home with you.

CHF29,50 *

Beauty Creations Palette - Olivia

Beauty Creations Palette Olivia is a beautiful eye shadow palette with 35 different shades.

CHF37,50 *

Beauty Creations Banana Setting Powder

The perfect powder for the perfect skin, as well as for concealing stains and oily skin.

CHF19,50 *

Beauty Creations Dark Knight 12pcs

12 super soft and beautiful black brushes, protected in a nice case.

CHF37,50 *

Beauty Creations Royal Princess Set 24pcs

Get your princess set in rose-black look.

CHF39,50 *

Beauty Creations Espresso yourself Palette

Do you love espresso? You love Latte Macchiatto? Then you love this palette.

CHF27,50 *

Beauty Creations Latte Espresso yourself Palette

21 unique, beautifully composed metallic, shimmering and creamy colours.

CHF27,50 *

Beauty Creations Contour and Blush Palette

A set of 10 easy to mix outlines and blush colors that make it easy to outline and create a perfect blush effect. The lightweight formula gives you a perfectly contoured face.

CHF23,50 *

Beauty Creations Shine Bright Highlighter Palette

Make all your dreams come true with this highlighter palette - packed with high-gloss metallics.

CHF24,50 *

Beauty Creations Tender Love brush set 12pcs

12 super soft and beautiful brown brushes, protected in a nice case.

CHF37,50 *

Beauty Creations Unicorn Tears Metallic Highlighters

6 unique metallic highlights in one set

CHF34,50 *
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