Payment methods

Klarna payment:

The amount owed must be paid no later than the specified due date to the account of our external partner Klarna specified in the invoice. General information about Klarna is available here. If the customer is allowed to purchase on account for certain offers after a credit check, the payment is processed in cooperation with Klarna, which takes over the merchant's invoice claim after the conclusion of the purchase contract. We remain responsible for general customer inquiries, such as products, delivery time, shipping, returns, complaints, revocations, credit notes and much more, even when purchasing on account.

If you do not meet your payment obligation, you will be in default upon expiry of the payment deadline set for you without further reminder and you will have to pay default interest of 8%. Klarna is entitled to charge a reminder fee of up to CHF 30.00 per payment reminder as well as other fees, in particular the costs of any collection procedure. Furthermore, Klarna may in the future refuse to process the payment terms of purchase contracts, also in relation to other merchants. The general terms and conditions of Klarna apply.

Our cooperation partner Klarna may use third-party tools to detect and prevent fraud. Data obtained with these tools may be stored with third parties in encrypted form so that they can only be read by Klarna. For disclosure and use of data collected by Klarna, please compare their privacy policy. If you have any further questions about Klarna, please contact Klarna customer service directly.


Invoice with POWERPAY:

You will receive the invoice free of charge by email. With purchase on account you accept the terms and conditions of POWERPAY (, provided that you have a valid e-mail address. If you do not wish to pay within the specified time frame (14 days), you will receive a monthly invoice in the following month by mail with a processing fee of CHF 2.90.

In order to be able to order on account, the following points must be fulfilled:

The billing address is a private address and matches the delivery address.

The payment check (by POWERPAY) was successful.

Your date of birth is correct.

The payment period is 14 days net.




You have the possibility to buy with your TWINT app. We do not store any credit card data and you do not take any security risk when you pay with TWINT. In addition, the invoice is immediately booked as paid. (The amount will only be debited when the goods leave our warehouse.) No additional costs will be charged.



Visa/ Mastercard:

After placing your order, the invoice amount will be debited from your card. For the payment you need your card number, the expiry date, the printed name, your security code (CVC or CVV) and if necessary your identification for Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure.




Payment by PayPal express represents a secure and even faster payment and is a customer-friendly venture. You will be redirected to your PayPal page immediately after clicking the SOFORT TO PAYPAL button. Your data is kept strictly confidential, the payment process takes place on a secure server. In addition, you also benefit here from the PayPal buyer protection.

Please note that depending on the payment method, transaction fees may apply to the total invoice amount, which are charged by the respective payment providers. These will be shown separately on your invoice as an online transaction fee. PayPal usually charges a transaction fee of 4.9% of the payment amount. This fee will be passed on.      


Bank transfer


After completing your order, transfer the full invoice amount to the account listed below. We will send you the ordered goods as soon as we receive the payment on our account (please note that bank transfers - even online - can take up to three business days). Unlike all other payment methods, there are no additional costs here.

Account details:

Owner: Monolith Trading, 8587 Oberaach, Switzerland

IBAN: CH83 0078 4296 0715 4200 1


Bank: Thurgauer Kantonalbank, Switzerland

We ask our customers to pay their invoices via ebanking so that we do not have to pay postal charges.      

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Postfinance & Postcard:

Payment is made via Postfinance or Postcard.