Full brush set & makeup bag

CHF 49.50

A beautiful arrangement of 10 pieces, high quality makeup brushes and a beautiful makeup bag. Have a complete set at an exceptional price, as far as the right to go!

L11: The L11 Flat Top Kabuki Brush is the ultimate foundation brush, perfect for preparing cream products and their fine, conditioned finish. The brushes are printed on the base, but your cream products are not included in the brushes.

L12: The L12 Tapered Powder Brush is used for any powder product. Thanks to the shape you find, it will be easy to use and you will need it.

L13: With our L13 Rounded Contour Brush, you can have a beautiful blend. The shape of the bristles fits perfectly into the angle of the face for precise blending.

L14: The L14 Angled Red/Bronze Brush is designed with the perfect angle for the perfect application. This is our large, well maintained bronze and roughness island. Fits perfectly in the wedge keys for a beautiful contoured / bronze look.

L15: Create the latest highlight with the L15 Highlighter Brush. The L15 is built with the longer bristles, in your highlighter and perfect on your thighs or other detailed areas.

L16: The L16 pencil/detail brush is designed with a small tip for precise detail. Perfect for completing eyeshadow and for all the details you need.

L17: The L17 eyeshadow brush is designed for applying eyeshadow on the eyes. It is heated with shorts, adapted to the bust of bristles, damage the eyelids on the pigment packs and can be built up. It is also suitable for cutting cuts of cream products on the eye or on the contracts of concealer on the bottom.

L18: The L18 eyeshadow blender brush is our blender for the series. It has the perfect softness for the perfect blends.

L19: The L19 Oval Shader Brush is perfect for eyeshadows on the bottom line. It is a well knitted dresser that makes it difficult to clean up eyeshadow!

L20: The L20 Eyeliner Brush is specially designed for gel eyelids. Ideal for all eyeliner details, including sealed eyeliner.

Vegan & animal testing free


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